Brand Vision

Keep changing for an ordinary but precious life

There are things that should remain the same, no matter how times change.

  • ・A life with electricity whenever you need it

  • ・Decent transportation systems

  • ・Rich water resources

  • ・Beautiful landscape we want to leave for the future

  • ・Ordinary, but happy and peaceful days

That’s why Mitsui & Co. Plant Systems Ltd. will change.
We will change to keep our precious things unchanged.

We will reform our business models, actively pursue business investments, and take many more bold initiatives.
Toward realizing a decarbonized society, we have numerous ideas and approaches to explore.

  • ・Creation of renewable energy from solar and wind power

  • ・Conversions to the next-generation fuel using ammonia and hydrogen

  • ・Recycling resources

While there are still many issues left unanswered,
Mitsui & Co. Plant Systems Ltd. is determined to take on the challenges.

We are standing at the starting line.
Take a step forward.
Let’s change.
So that we can keep our stable ways of living unchanged.