Heavy Machinery

  • With the Iron and Steel Industry

    Our iron and steel manufacturing business aims to be number one in terms of total capabilities, including technological superiority. We place the highest priority on the stable supply of steel products (core materials), and to do so, we strengthen production infrastructure, and also develop and engage in overseas production business for high-grade steel, especially automotive steel.

    In response to the needs of iron and steel manufacturers in Japan and overseas, MPS have been delivering key iron-making facilities and equipment at every stage, from receipt of materials to reduction, refining, casting, and rolling, contributing to various benefits of customers, including reduction in production costs, improvement in productivity, and implementation of environmental countermeasures.

  • Iron and Steel Production Facility Solution Provider

    MPS has built a record of achievement as an iron and steel production facility solution provider by making optimal use of its extensive experience, knowledge, and information resources. Our advantages in this area include our on-site response capabilities, the relationships of trust that we have built with our customers, and our wide-ranging business relationships with numerous manufacturers in Japan and overseas. In the area of import transactions, in particular, we are developing the Japanese market in close partnership with European manufacturers that possess the most advanced, unique technologies, and have received high evaluation from our customers on our adjustment capabilities that go beyond the barriers of different languages and commercial practices through exertion of sogo shosha functions.

  • Creating New Added Value

    While focusing on the iron and steel industry to further strengthen the advantages that we have accumulated to date, MPS also will respond to the environmental changes of the iron and steel industries in Japan and overseas and create new added values as a group of professionals, in addition to our traditional role as a supplier of facilities and equipment.

    While leveraging the comprehensive strengths of the Mitsui & Co. group, we will take on challenges in areas beyond the Japanese iron and steel industry and steel-making facilities, including the IoT, power generation, environmental countermeasures, and 3D printers.



    Kalugin has succeeded in reducing the size of the hot-blast stoves used to supply hot air to blast furnaces by adopting an advanced top-combustion design. This has substantially reduced the cost of facilities and construction compared with conventional hot-blast stoves. As the world leader in this area, Kalugin has supplied more top-combustion hot-blast stoves than any other manufacturer.


    Kocks is a steel bar block mill that offers a number of technological advantages, including the use of three-roll rolling technology to improve dimensional accuracy, better yields, and easier rolling size changes. Kocks has an extensive global track record, and there are many users of its products in Japan.


    German company WaldrichSiegen is a manufacturer of large-scale processing machinery. Its electrical discharge texturing (EDT) machines allow the texturing of rolls used to produce cold-rolled steel sheets to be controlled within a tolerance of ±4-5%. Thanks to the recently developed compact EDT machines, we can also offer comparatively low prices, depending on the number of rolls to be processed.