Infrastructure Project

  • Contributing to Project Realization

    In order to support the development and implementation of a wide range of infrastructure and industrial projects, such as energy and petrochemicals, MPS provides various services to meet project requirements, including the supply of plant facilities and the arrangement of process licenses and finance. In addition to these fields, we will meet all requirements in various other areas, including the lifestyle infrastructure field (healthcare, food, and agriculture) that is expected to become increasingly important.

  • Solutions for All Project Needs

    We contribute to the successful realization of projects by providing the products and solutions needed for project development and implementation in wide variety of core industrial and infrastructure fields, such as energy, petrochemicals, and water treatment. By making optimal use of the partnerships with customers and manufacturers we have built in Japan and overseas, and our accumulated experience and achievements, as well as the shosha functions (global networks, business investments, and financing) of Mitsui & Co., we offer a full range of services, including the supply of plant and facilities, and the arrangement of process licenses and finance.

  • Challenges in New Fields

    We aim to create new business targeting business areas of batteries, new materials, food, and healthcare, whose markets are expected to grow globally We will use the comprehensive strengths of the Mitsui & Co. group to discover a variety of needs throughout the world, while supporting our customers and partners in Japan and overseas to respond to changing industry structures.