• Offer:TEPCO Fuel & Power, Incorporated

    Contributing to the Stable Supply of Electric Power

    Electric power systems are core energy infrastructure. We contribute to the stable supply of electric power by using our domestic and overseas networks to supply the most advanced equipment, parts, and materials for power stations, transmission networks, substations, and other facilities, and by providing maintenance services.

    We also offer a wide array of services for our customers based on our extensive experience and knowledge, including support for safety measures in preparation for the restart of nuclear plants, the proposal of efficiency improvement measures based on the IoT, the procurement of the biggest boilers in the world and other equipment, and the transportation of heavy machinery required with the construction or renovation of large-scale power plants.

  • Offer:TEPCO Fuel & Power, Incorporated

    Total Solution Services

    We provide optimal power supply solutions for convenience stores by combining various approaches, including the installation of high-voltage substation and solar power equipment. We also offer efficient one-stop support services for operation and maintenance of various facilities, while providing total electric power supply solution services that contribute to a reduction in electric power charges.

  • Offer:TEPCO Fuel & Power, Incorporated

    Next-Generation Energy Solutions

    We contribute to the creation of systems to flexibly and effectively respond to continual changes in electricity demand in connection with dramatic shifts in the market environment, such as electricity deregulation. We aim to provide our customers with comprehensive services beyond equipment sales, covering: 1) the supply of electricity and heat for rural/urban areas, and the direct supply and sale of electricity to companies with added value on a local production/local consumption basis; 2) in-house generation and cogeneration systems; and 3) energy management systems (EMS), virtual power plants (VPP), and demand response systems based on combinations of storage batteries, fuel cells, and other technologies.