• Contributing to Reliability in Railway Operations

    We import the latest, high-performance track maintenance machines, as well as railway rolling stock products, and parts and materials for tracks and electrical facilities, and sell these products to railway operators throughout Japan. By providing foreign-manufactured machinery and products, we are contributing to passenger comfort, reliable railway operations, and efficient maintenance on both Shinkansen and conventional lines. We will continue to contribute to safe, reliable railway operations by introducing excellent overseas products to meet customer requirements, and by guiding manufacturers to introduce design and functional modifications to satisfy Japanese requirements.

  • Urban Transportation Systems for Japanese and Overseas Markets

    We have taken the initiative in coordinating various monorail projects throughout Japan from planning through to construction, including the Osaka Monorail, the Tokyo Monorail, and the Okinawa Urban Monorail. Internationally, we have participated in a monorail construction project in Chongqing City, China, and also supplied electrical systems and other parts for Japanese-made rolling stock for subway projects in the Chinese cities of Beijing and Chengdu.

    We have also worked on various projects with Mitsui & Co., including the supply of track maintenance equipment and rolling stock parts in Europe, Africa, South America, and India.

    We will continue to contribute to the advancement of urban transportation and freight logistics worldwide.

  • The Challenge of Next-Generation Mobility

    Based on the import and sales of articulated buses that we are currently engaged in, we will actively pursue opportunities in relation to the next-generation transportation systems, for which a variety of technological innovations are expected, including the introduction of alternatives to gasoline and other fuels, and the development of autonomous driving technology. We will continue to take up the challenge of creating a human-friendly, environment-friendly society through the development of these transportation (mobility) systems.


  • Plasser & Theurer / Track maintenance machinery

    We have been handling track maintenance machinery produced by Plasser & Theurer, the world's leading manufacturer in this field, for half-a-century. We have delivered over 700 machines to railway operators throughout Japan, contributing to the world-renowned safety and reliability of Japanese railways.

  • Speno International / Rail grinding machine

    An important aspect of railway operation is the impact on local environments. MPS helps to minimize this impact and improve ride comfort by supplying mobile rail grinding vehicles manufactured by Speno International. These vehicles grind rails to keep tracks in optimal condition, thereby reducing noise and vibration, and in particular, playing a vital role in high-speed Shinkansen operations.

  • Alstom / dampers

    We supply axis dampers, lateral dampers, and yaw dampers manufactured by Alstom, that ensure both high standards of safety and ride comfort and can be customized for different types of cars and carriages. Thanks to ease of maintenance and the availability of a wide range of replacement kits, it is possible to reduce life cycle costs.

  • Scania and Volgren / Articulated Bus

    MPS has a long history in the field of urban transportation systems, centered on our monorail business. As part of our efforts in this field, we are supplying imported articulated buses to bus operators in Japan with the aim of realizing a mass transportation system based on the use of buses (bus rapid transit [BRT] system).

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