Renewable Energy

  • Business Coordination

    MPS is engaged in the development and operation of renewable energy power generation projects. Our business comprehensively covers all stages from securing a site and power plant construction, to management over 20-year project periods, and the removal of facilities after the termination of projects. We utilize idled or unused land owned by companies or local governments as projects sites, and work with EPC contractors to select, design, and construct optimal facilities. While collaborating with various partners, we also coordinate among all project stakeholders, including intermediation among the various parties involved.

  • Contributing to Society through Projects

    Through our role in power generation projects based on the use of clean, renewable energy, we are contributing to global warming countermeasures and transformation of the energy structure. In addition, we will promote and evolve these projects into sustainable business that can contribute to provision of solutions to various needs, including investment opportunities for pension funds and financial institutions, the use of land vacated due to population decline and urbanization, and industry revitalization through the introduction of alternative energy technologies.

  • Renewable Energy Initiatives

    In addition to solar power generation projects, we are pursuing opportunities for the creation of business focused on other types of renewable energy, such as wind power, small-scale hydropower, biomass, and geothermal binary systems. Using a fund model based on the utilization of long-term operating funds, we aim to contribute to the development of a future energy strategy for Japan.